Jewelry Loan Process


We are not a pawn shop, we are better. This is a very private and secure process. We charge half the rate of a pawn shop. We give you double the time to pay off your loan.

STEP ONE - Bring your piece of jewelry or loose diamond, as well as all paperwork (old appraisals or lab reports) IF YOU HAVE THEM! value – or an item you feel may have value – to either of our private, safe and secure locations located in Metairie.

STEP TWO- Meet with one of our knowledgeable appraisers to have your item(s) evaluated and receive an offer on-the-spot.

STEP THREE - Accept the offer, sign the paperwork, and get payment in your pocket in minutes.

STEP FOUR-You have six months to pay off your loan but you have the option of redeeming early at no additional charge for less money. NO PREPAYMENT PENALTIES.

Pay back your loan by the predetermined or agreed upon due date OR extend your loan for an additional 30 days. Once your loan has been paid off, we will return your item. It’s that simple!


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